Viva Roma- The Rome Marathon - Marathon Goddess

Tomorrow morning I am off to Rome. I am so excited. I will be running the Rome Marathon on Sunday March 18, the same day as the LA Marathon. Some of you may not know that I am a pace leader for the LA Roadrunners. The official training group for the LA Marathon. I call them the G6 as in Group 6 . When the opportunity came along to go to Roma it was a chance of a lifetime. I will unofficially start my 52 for You journey in Rome. Then I have 3 weeks to recover for Boston. After Boston the marathons will start rolling in. Since my training was cut short due to an injury, my marathons will not be about speed. They will be about spirit and truly that is what it is really all about. My amazing coach/fiance is holding me back to a 4:40 Marathon, as I beg and plead to him to let me run at least a 4:39. I must remember the bigger picture, this is about spirit, this is about my love for running and the love for my father and for the people. Most importantly my mission to spread hope, awareness and money to help find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. The awful disease that took the life of my father, my number one fan. So off I go, feeling a little anxious, a little scared and a little sad as I leave my LA Roadrunners to go do the LA Marathon without me. It’s ok they have two awesome pace leaders who will get them to the finish and I am even taking a few runners from our group with me. Stay tuned for more as the G6 represents in Rome and the Maratona de Roma becomes a Movie: The Spirit of the Marathon 2. Ciao!