Today is a good day! #48 for Dino Murphy xo - Marathon Goddess

I woke up this morning and instantly thought of the 3 people I was running for today. Dino Murphy being one of them. I went to look at an email his sister Nancy sent me and these words stood out: “Today is a good day”, and you know what? It was. Dino was full of life. Even on his worst days, you could call and ask how he was doing. He’d say “Today is a good day”. I love that. That became their family mantra and they have bracelets that say that with his name. Dino told his sister he didn’t want to be a poster child for cancer but she knew that she would fight for him and people would know who he was. Dino was a Lt Col in the Army. He had a wife and three kids. He was diagnosed at 44 years old on Dec 10, 2009 and passed a little less than a year later at 45 yrs old on Nov 26, 2010. Dino’s sister Nancy thanked me for giving him life this weekend. Nancy, thank you for letting me, it is an honor. Dino is buried at Ft Sam Houston Cemetery just down the road in San Antonio. Today when I was running I kept seeing soldiers cheering me on and I thought of Dino. I high fived the soldiers in Dino’s honor and when the marathon got tough I said out loud ‘Today is a good day”and I didn’t care if people thought I was crazy. Crazy in a good way. Dino’s sister Nancy and I have been in contact almost this whole journey trying to figure out a race for me to run in Dino’s honor and today was the perfect day. I had so much support out there from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and knew I was meant to run for Dino today.
Pancan water station, bigtime support. eyes closed, I am running in my sleep :)

Pancan water station, bigtime support. eyes closed, I am running in my sleep 🙂

  Nancy, it was an honor to run in Dino’s memory today. I felt him smiling down on me. Today was beautiful and a true gift to run for your brother. Dino 2 Sending all my best wishes to Dino’s family and all of those affected by pancreatic cancer. I will keep on fighting to help put an end to this terrible disease that has taken the lives of too many beautiful people like Dino, long after my 52 marathons. We will put an end to it. We got this! With Love and deep grattitude, Julie xo




  1. Janie Craig Meigs | 02/18/2013 at 8:51 PM

    In memory of Dino for fighting a couageous, long battle with this horrible disease. My sister fough the same battle and lost her life before Dino. For these two special people – brother to Nancy, and sister to me (by the we are third cousins). our hearts, our prayers, and our desperate appeals go out to create awareness of this horrible disease, and to find a cure as fast as possible, so no other siblings will have to go through what Nancy and I have. Devastaion and heart-wrenching pain which seems to go on and on and on. Please help this cause and save lives from this ‘killer’ cancer.

    Love you Nancy, and I know Dino and Mary Beth are looking down on us now with smiles and happy hearts awaiting our reunion with them. Dino was certainly a hero in so many aspects of his life, and used dignity and honor to carry him through the roughest days of his lfe. I know God was right there beside him as he carried him home. I know Mary Beth died the same way – with grace and dignity.

    God bless you, Nancy, and I am so thankful for all you do for Pancreatic Cancer. I am right there with you 100% even though I am not with you in person.

    Stay strong, be happy, and know that one day soon, we ill all be reunited! Awesome day coming!

    Much love and thankfulness for what you do. Janie

  2. Drs. Sherman | 01/01/2014 at 5:15 PM

    We had the great opportunity to serve under LTC Murphy’s Command in Bamhoulder, Germany. He exemplified what a Commander needs to be: good listener, fair and honest leader in our daily life and patient care-service but more important a good human being. After working > 2 decades with the DOD we know a especial soldier and more important great person, husband and father. We lost the Best Commander we have had. We wish to his Family just the best: Health, Peace and to continue his mission to honorable serve our USA.


    Dr. Griselle Sherman, MD FAAP