The Plot Thickens - Marathon Goddess

Call it a blessing in disguise, or call it what you will, but the bottom line is I have a LCL pull in my right knee. First we were treating it as an IT band injury (it had the same symptoms). But no, this is an LCL pull that may have occurred during a yoga class of all places, not even running. Many thoughts come to mind, Can she do it? Can she recover and get strong enough to run 52 Marathons that begin in less than 53 days? What is going to happen? Depression, anxiety and fear set in. But not for long. I turned my attitude right side up today. I may only be able to run 2 miles this Saturday and that’s ok. The realization is that I GET to run 2 miles this weekend. Then next week more, and more and more. My PT says I could take a month off and run a marathon without missing a beat. I am grateful for it all. Maybe this is the Universes way of getting me to rest and get strong for the 52. Well whatever it is Universe, it worked. Now I am on a mission to get stronger and more flexible than ever before. If I can’t run, then you better believe I will be rowing, and cycling, and strength training like there is no tomorrow. Thank you Universe, I am listening. More soon.xo