The Marathon that never was- NYC to Santa Clarita #32 - Marathon Goddess

It started as an exciting adventure, which quickly took a sharp turn. As super storm sandy slammed down on the east coast, it took a piece of my heart along with it. For me and so many other runners I went to New York to show the American people that we are a courageous people in the face of heartbreak and recommit to hope and possibility when things are the hardest, but it wasn’t meant to be. We arrived on Friday at JFK. In the cab ride to our hotel our driver was telling us of all the horror stories going on. Generators and back up generators were sitting there not being used and in place for the marathon, meanwhile there were still millions without power and shelter and some without food. My heart sank. As we got closer to the hotel I see a two mile long line of cars waiting for gas. Then I see a hanging crane dangling over the city streets. The wind had broken the crane high up and the top of the crane was dangling by wires 100s of feet above the ground below. The streets were barricaded off and no one was allowed within a block or two. I sank deeper into the floor of the taxi. We arrive at our hotel and get a quick bite and we are ready to head to the expo for a great opportunity and interview with Poland Springs water. I had CBS/KCAL news following entire my marathon adventure in New York which quickly became more interesting to them because within minutes after we arrived at our hotel we hear a rumor that the marathon was cancelled. The rumor quickly became a reality and honestly my first reaction was a sense of relief. Here is my reaction along with some other runners in LA. I was on the phone live from NYC. The next thing I did was order a drink and console friends. A young woman, who had also just arrived, and also like us had not been to her room yet had come from London to do the New York Marathon. Ouch! Now to figure out the next plan of action. Quick find another marathon! I called friends, posted on facebook, someone please register me for the Santa Clarita marathon. I knew it was on the same day as New York. Next, get a flight home. Called my travel agent and we are booked on the first available flight back to LA the next morning. We made the best out of our 12 hour stay in NYC. I had big press withNYRR, interviews and a photo shoot which had all been cancelled and a fantastic article in the official program which no one got to see. Would have been huge for Pancreatic Awareness. Hopefully they will remember me next year after I finish the 52. We then had a nice dinner with David’s family, snuck into Central Park and did a quick bandit run.

Sneaking into Central Park 🙂

Early next morning we hop on a plane back to LA, with little to no sleep we arrive back in LA and get out to the Santa Clarita marathon expo to register. CBS/KCAL got the whole story there and did a great interview.

Purple bags 🙂

After another few hours of sleep Sunday morning I am off and running the Santa Clarita marathon #32 of 52. The 52 lives on and the people of NYC were heard. On the way to my marathon I heard that thousands of marathoners were on the ferry to Statin Island to help out. That made my heart sing. Here is a great video/blog from Steve Mackel he is the head coach for the Sole Runners. [] Santa Clarita marathon was hot and fun. It was not NYC we had 500 marathoners vs. 50,000. I ended up running 28 miles. At mile 14 I went back to help out a friend who was ready to quit. This marathon adventure was a bit crazy but nothing as hard as the fight against Pancreatic Cancer, and doesn’t even come close to what my girl Ashley is up against. I dedicated marathon #32 to a very special young lady named Ashley. Pancreatic Cancer does not discriminate. Ashley is 26 years old and in February she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She has a fantastic blog called and she writes daily of what her life is like fighting Pancreatic Cancer. She is a beautiful soul, such great positive energy and her attitude so amazing that she could light up any room. I have never met her, this is just the energy I get from her blog. With the hurricane, the NYC Marathon cancellation, the fight to just get to the starting line was like nothing I have experienced, but does not hold a candle to what she is battling. She has a beautiful positive spirit and she is amazing. On October 26th, she posted “Things aren’t good, but I actually feel fine. Hmm? Time to just sit down, think and come up with a solution because I feel like I could handle anything. If I was told I needed to juice and run 5 miles a day – done.” Today I ran for her Ashley and hoping we can run a marathon together. She posts this song by Kelly Clarkson “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and Ashley is a fighter and I am confident that she is going to beat this thing. She is doing fantastic. Please send prayers, love and lot’s of healing energy her way. What an adventure this was, truly heartbreaking but we made the best out of it. “Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out”- And that is exactly what we did. 32 down 20 to go… let the countdown begin.  

Thirty Two- Let the countdown begin!

CBS/KCAL captured my finish: And here is the silly video we did go along with the whole ordeal. Tomorrow I run the Malibu Marathon #33 of 52. Getting close. WE GOT THIS!!!! xo

We got this!!!





  1. vito | 11/10/2012 at 10:22 PM

    che grande impresa juli

  2. Michele Powers | 11/11/2012 at 6:20 AM

    Again you NEVER cease to amaze me… You have to write a book after all of this.. What a year you are having, experiencing.. all for the Love of your DAD… he is so proud of you.. He and Patrick watch over us and guide us in the direction our lives should go.. What a year, my friend… Keep on Keeping on.. Run, Julie, Run… much love, positive energy and prayers coming your way!!! xox Michele