The LA Marathon #52- 26.2 Miles of Hope ♥ - Marathon Goddess

Thank you all for supporting me in this amazing journey of hope, inspiration and love. It has truly been an honor to run for your loved ones. Thank you for the donations, every dollar helps to make a difference. I would like to honor those that sponsored a mile for the final 26.2 miles. I apologize if I have missed anyone, if so please let me know and I can edit after the race. Below is a picture of the beautiful grace bands that I will be wearing tomorrow. With so much love on my arms and in my heart we definitely got this!
made by Races2Remember

made by Races2Remember

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. However I am not done, not even close, I am not stopping until we have a cure for pancreatic cancer. We got this. xo See you at the finish line. xo My sponsors:
Mile 26.2: In memory of Melissa Miller and her heroic five year battle with pancreatic cancer (from L. Cohen)
Mile 25: Ron Bowker Mile 24: Francis P. Urban Mile 23: Team Molli- Srtongest woman I know! Mile 23: Paul Perkovic, Half Moon Bay, he will be in my heart forever Mile 22: Yitzchak ben Chaim Zelig Mile 21: Lora Gudbranson
Mile 20: Please dedicate mile 20 to my father, Rodney Buffington, who also lost his battle to pancreatic cancer after just 20 short weeks! (from A. Winkle)
Mile 20: John H, Harris, Jr. May 30, 2013 20th anniversary of his death 🙁
Mile 19: Noel Irvine Mile 18: Herman C. Atienza Mile 17: Amo Cappelli Mile 16: Adam Zauder
Mile 15: For my sweet fiance’ Edward J. Demyan who would have turned 50 this week; March 15, 2013. Missing you every day EJD – this week is especially hard. (from M. Mackulin)
Mile 14: Nancy Kramer and Mort Shorris Mile 13: Buck Mile 12: John Price Mile 11: Grandma Gerry Mile 10: Patrick Powers Mile 9: Ron Smith
Mile 8: Robert Holloway Mile 7: K. Bradbury & Curt Sandoval
Mile 6: Spyros Sipsas Mile 5: Doug Brand & Jeff Brand Mile 4: Edmund C. Bechtold Mile 3: David G. Hollander Mile 2: John Sam Chee Mile 1: Judith Maiman More that sponsored w/o a specific mile.: (taken from my website)
  • Bless you Julie, and may they find a cure for this horrible disease. I know that I am doing everything I can to spread awareness. Take care and know that we are rooting you on, (Melissa Silva and Family)
  • Bette Grey – Passed away from PanCan in 1966 (Sent from G. Twist)
  • Thanks for spreading awareness Julie! In memory of my dad Doug Brand and his brother Jeff Brand that were taken by this horrible disease less than a year apart. (H. Swanson)
  • Thank you for creating national awareness for PC and PanCan! Good luck running #52 this weekend! AMAZING! In memory of my wonderful mom, Gigi Shanes-Hernandez, who died almost four years ago on April 9th from pancreatic cancer. KNOW IT! FIGHT IT! END IT! (T. Shanes-Hernandez)
  • You are such an inspiration. My father passed away when I was young from cancer and I now too fun marathons to raise funds for research… nothing like you. GO GIRL! I am also buying a calendar:). Thank you for what you do! (M. Rouse)
  • In honor of Diane Fyock @ It’s a Fyock Fight (T. Fyock)
  • Impressed and thankful for your dedication towards providing awareness of Pancreatic cancer. Lost my grandmother in 2008 – you are an inspiration! (D. Singer)
  • Julie – you inspired us. My mom passed of pancreatic cancer – our family is very thankful for your efforts! (Velocity Sports Performance)
  • In memory of Florence Sugimoto. (A. Otani)
  • For Paul who was the light of my life and my one true love. What you are doing is truly inspirational. This is a horrible cancer that we must find a cure for. Thank you for what you are doing to try to find a cure. xxoo (Anon.)
  • In honor of Eleanor. (B. Anderson)
  • In honor of John Sam Chee who is battling this awful disease. We love him so much<3 (C. Lee)
  • For my own dad, who died of colon cancer in 1988…he never saw me cross the finish line but I did it for him! (M. Miller)
There are so many beautiful dedications, I am sorry if I missed any, if I did please email me and let me know and I will add yours in. I will also continue to do weekly dedications.
With deep gratitude….



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  1. Judy D. | 03/18/2013 at 2:52 PM

    Dear Marathon Goddess,

    I am so sorry for your diagnosis. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer in 1975. We were told it was a very rare cancer and that prognosis was very bad. Indeed it was- she died about 4 weeks after the diagnosis. Six years later, in 1981, her daughter, my mother, also was diagnosed with it after actually being sick for 7 months and misdiagnosed. She was taken into the emergency room and had surgery – that is when the discovery of pancreatic cancer was diagnosed. She died about 4 weeks later, At that time, I was 30 and had been having abnormal liver enzyme results. My doctor immediately had me take an ultrasound of my pancreas – but it was mostly hidden so the results were inconclusive. It is now 31 years later and I have totally abstained from alcohol (which the doctor told us was a contributing factor in causing pancreatic cancer,) and smoking (ditto.) he also said coffee but I do have 2-3 cups a day and my mother had about 8. I was wondering if doctors still say the same thing about the causes or if they have found a pancreatic cancer gene? Are there new treatments that can help you? It is very upsetting for me to hear both your dad and now you have this disease. I wish and pray that you can overcome it. Stay well.