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5 Tips on how to get out of a running rut!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.52.33 PM In a rut? When the going get’s tough, the tough go shopping! 1. If you can, get a new pair of ASICS running shoes to invigorate you. If you can’t, you’re in luck, because at the end of this blog, you can enter to win your choice of available brand new ASICS on ASICS.COM Yeah! New running shoes always make me want to get out and run, especially the new GEL NIMBUS17s! 2. Call a friend and make a commitment to run, it works wonders. That’s what friends are for and return the favor if you see them in a rut. 3. Make sure you have had enough recovery time and you have not been overtraining too long, if so, you might need the rest. 4. Go outside, or get on a treadmill, start by walking and warming up. Do a little run/walk, then run. Just start. 5. Create a goal and sign up for a race. A 5K, 10K, quarter marathon, half or full. Here’s a great one I know, the Kona Marathon. Code HOLIDAY will even save you $15 🙂 5.1 Enter this giveaway to WIN a FREE pair of your choice of available ASICS shoes. Good luck and #GoRunIT ENTER HERE —–> ASICS GIVEAWAY Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 8.01.03 AM mbassador