San Diego to Lake Placid, Number 8.5! - Marathon Goddess

Here we are, on my way to number 9 already. I can’t believe it’s going so fast. I can’t believe I’m still standing?! Wasn’t it just yesterday I ran San Diego? It sure seemed like it. I can’t write about number 9 without at least a quick synopsis of number 8, Rock’nRoll San Diego Baby! We arrived into San Diego a little late due to over 30,000 people cramming into downtown SD for a marathon and not to mention the 20,000 people there for a Padres game as well. But it’s all good. I love the energy and the crowds. We had 30 minutes at the expo before it closed. I met Rudy from Compressport USA who outfits me in the cutest pink glittery compression sleeves you have ever seen. They have been great, keeping my calves happy and injury free. We also bumped into Rod Dixon at the expo. Rod is the winner of the 1983 New York Marathon, Olympian Bronze medalist and coach of the LA Roadrunners and LA Marathon. Got myself a cute picture with both Rudy and Rod. I am a lucky girl. Thank you to David for taking the picture and being so understanding. We met up for dinner at Nobu with my friends from my favorite running group who came to run with me, The G6! Yay G6!!! Also, a special new friend, Leighan, from Connecticut arrived to celebrate our awesomeness together. Leighan is a friend of Dino from Project Purple another great charity for Pancreatic Cancer. I ran the 1st of the 52 with Dino in Boston. We are all running to end pancreatic cancer. I missed her at the start line, but she finished her first marathon like the Rockstar that she is. We stayed at the Hard Rock hotel, so fun to have RocknRoll music playing as you enter your hotel room. Rock on! Alarm goes off at 4am, slept great and it’s time to run. Everything is laid out like clockwork I think I am finally getting the hang of this. We arrive at the starting line right on time. The energy I felt from our fellow 30,000 plus runners was out of this world. The gun goes off and we are off, singing, smiling and loving it. It was awesome to run with my G6 again. They were running the half marathon, so we ran together for 4 miles of fun. We were mid-song when the half marathon split came up so I actually ran an extra half-mile to finish our song. Miles 4-9 I struggled with my bib number. Yes, you heard that right, I struggled with my bib number. You see, I had this purple sparkly ribbon stapled to it and tied around my waste but it was falling down. Oh no, what is a marathon goddess to do? Safety Pins? Brilliant. I saw 2 LA Roadrunners ahead kicking but around mile 7 and I knew they had it together and they offered me a safety pin. I was saved. GO LARR! I felt fantastic until about mile 14, and then I realized I was running low on energy. It may have been the fact that I completely changed my diet last week. I went totally gluten free, vegan and I started eating all the foods I could that are best known for reducing inflammation. I was a walking Whole Foods. but a skinny one. I had lost 6 pounds in one week. That was too much and boy by mile 17, I was feeling it. As I learn more about nutrition such as: super foods, cancer killing foods, and a high anti-inflammatory diet I am sure to get stronger and healthier. I just needed to ease myself into it a bit more, hence the tired marathon goddess picture below. What marathon is this? Where am I? lol As I neared mile 20, I knew I wasn’t breaking 5 hours that day and that’s ok. My number one goal was to stay healthy so that I could run the next marathon and that I did. So since I wasn’t breaking any records, I decided to take advantage and stop for these awesome photo ops along the way. I couldn’t help myself. Coming into the finish was such a blur, but I remember seeing my best friend in the whole world, Tina. As I approached the finish line I heard her call out my name and I looked at her with such love in my heart and she captured it in this photo. It made my heart sing. Talk about making my heart sing, TEAM 52 was there in force at mile 10, 17 and at the finish. They were handing out post cards, support and so much love I can’t even describe. They are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts to help support me and reach my goal for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. When I offer them money, they won’t take it. They put on events, make flyers, t-shirts, they come to my races, they feed me, as I am typing my jaw just drops to the floor in awe and complete gratitude. They make donation boxes and set up tables in front of super markets. Have you ever heard of such a thing??? I mean really, this is love. Xoxox Here I am on the plane to Lake Placid flying solo this time. I really feel like it’s taking off (no pun intended, ok maybe a little). If I ever needed a sign, enter Ivy at American Airlines check in. I mentioned to her I would like a window seat, because I need sleep and that I am running a marathon tomorrow for Pancreatic Cancer. I handed her my card and she starts crying. Her husband has stage 4 lung cancer. Ivy has wanted to get into running. I start crying. Then I tell the flight attendant my story and wanted to get a message back to Ivy that I will run for her husband tomorrow and the flight attendant informs me of a gentleman on the plane going to see his brother Sam Brown, 43 with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. I went to introduce myself to him. The whole plane is now crying. Tomorrow I run for Ivy’s husband and Sam Brown. I am still praying for a miracle. I will keep running, keep on believing and will fight until I drop. We are going all the way, you know why? Because we got this!!!   Number 9, Lake Placid NY.   Please donate today to help put an end to this stupid cancer that has taken the lives of so many beautiful people. Thank you for your support.