Miami Soul- #45 A soul run for Maureen Adlard and others. We are a team,Team Hope!!! - Marathon Goddess

As I close in on my journey I am getting more emails every day of people in someway affected by pancreatic cancer. It breaks my heart, but I am happy to be able to run in memory of a loved one, spread awareness about a severely underfunded disease that has been ignored for much too long. I find that running in someones name puts a name to the disease making 
it more real to people who read about it. That in and of itself is a
 huge benefit to bringing awareness of this horrible disease. The reality is that there is not enough marathons for the number of people affected by pc, but for these marathons it’s more about 
the emotions that they bring up in people who hear about them. Also,
when I learn about the person I am running for it gives me strength,
and motivation to finish for them. I imagine their spirit helping me
 along. I have 4 special people I am running for today: Maureen Adlard For Maureen: (written by her children) Even growing up in the depression era, and suffering polio as a youngster, she was a vibrant young lady who loved helping others, which, in large part, led to her becoming an elementary school teacher. She was a wonderful wife and mother of 3. On her 46th birthday, while undergoing gallbladder surgery, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Despite being a non-smoker and drinker, she had grown up in a household where both parents smoked heavily, which is a huge contributing factor in pancreatic cancer in the next generation, as well as lung cancer and other smoking related diseases, despite the kids not smoking themselves. She underwent full chemo and radiation, but despite the Cross Cancer Institute’s best efforts, and the prayers of her family and friends, she passed away on November 13, just two months after being diagnosed. She was a beloved teacher, and they have erected a permanent plaque in her honor at Dalton Elementary. More than that, her memory lives on with her children and friends, who are committed to doing something about this terrible disease for Maureen’s grandchildren, who she never got to meet, and for the children and grandchildren of everyone else affected. Her son Dave goes on to say “sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it is the duty of the ones left behind to make something good come of it and of the sacrifice of Maureen and the tens of thousands like her”. Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 7.13.49 PM David, Craig and Suzanne I send my love to you today, running in memory of your beautiful mother and creating hope and turning something so negative into a huge positive change. We got this. xoxox Julie Running mile 1 for my brother in arms, Benjamin Timoner’s father. Benjamin is currently walking across the country,for the second time, to raise money for pc in honor of his father. Yes you heard that right. His father Bert passed away from pc in 1974 at the young age of 41 and is buried here in Miami 🙁 Benjamin, Mile 1 is for your Dad. I am pretty sure he was your number 1 fan, just like my dad. All the best to you and wish you much success in your journey accross America. We got this! Bert Timoner- Mile 1 I received an email from Simon about his father Dave last week and told me about this incredible story form an inspiring man who is a runner at heart. He has run 66 marathons and 120+ half marathons over the years. He and his dad completed The Beechy Head marathon in October last year his dad beat him by 35mins so clearly his competitive spirit is still strong even though he is currently fighting pc. He continually stressed that for a marathon you shouldn’t think of half way as 13 miles. The hard work and the half way point he always assured him that it started around 20 miles – that’s where the training really began to pay off – how right he was. Dave Wickham, miles 20-26.2 are for you. Keep on believing, never loose hope. I will run for you too. For more on the official story, here is the link: and their giving link. Such an incredible will. Dave Wickham 20-26 Just yesterday I got a last minute beautiful email, with a donation and was asked “just look up and smile for Edie at some point in my run” his mom who passed away just this past March. Howard G. It would be an honor and thank you for your donation. We are going to fix this for your Dave, for Edie, for Benjamin’s Dad, for Maureen and so many others including my Dad. We cant stop now. With your help we can make a difference and we are. Please join in to Know it. Fight it and End it. Together we can, together we can create miracles. If I can run 45 marathons in 45 weeks, we can do anything! We are Team Hope and We got this. All my best wishes. See you at the finish line. xoxo Julie




  1. David Adlard | 01/27/2013 at 5:25 AM

    Julie, on behalf of Suzanne, Craig and myself, as well as Maureen and the tens of thousands of others who you are affecting daily with your amazing quest, but more your amazing spirit and dedication, we thank you, and wish you a superb race!
    Blessings to you and yours, and go get it, girl!!!
    With love and thanks,
    The Adlard Children

    • Marathon Goddess | 02/02/2013 at 7:45 PM

      It was an honor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥ ♥ ♥