Marathon #52 LA Marathon: Lupe Delacruz-Romero, She's Got This!! - Marathon Goddess

Lupe Lupe ran her first LA marathon in 1999 while her young son was in the Marines. He encouraged her to run so she thought she would try it just once. Her parents, her niece and her sister were at the finish line, so proud of Lupe when she finished. That same year on November 4th her father died. She continued to run. She ran the LA Marathon every year after that for the next 10 years. Life happens so running was therapy for her, a stress release. She hadn’t run a marathon in 4 years but since she turned 50 on 1-11-12 she felt she had to run it that year. On 2-11-12 Lupe was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so she was not able to run in the LA Marathon but she did run the hardest race ever. She ran the race of fighting for her life and she completed her race on 1-29-13 when her cancer was removed by the Whipple procedure. Every year she ran she dedicated the marathon to our military and to other people who were in need of prayer. Lupe never imagined one day someone would be dedicating the LA Marathon to her. I am deeply touched and truly honored to run for Lupe. She will be at the finish line when we cross it and we are hoping to cross it together. Lupe you are my hero. #52 is for YOU. xoxo
Beautiful,Healthy Strong, Survivor Lupe :D

Beautiful,Healthy Strong, Survivor Lupe 😀




  1. Courtneylee Martinez | 03/16/2013 at 4:31 PM

    Go Lupe and Julie!!

    • Sally Silva | 03/02/2014 at 8:37 AM

      I’m very proud of my Sister! Love you with all my heart!