Marathon #40 for Dr. Kiva Skolnick - The unsung hero. - Marathon Goddess

Not everyone leaves behind a record, a book or their name on a building. Today I am remembering and running for a man for his dedication and philanthropic endeavors, Dr. Kiva Skolnick. I am so blessed and fortunate to learn about him. Dr Skolnick lived in Beverly, Mass. He was a dentist and in addition to operating a private dental practice for the past 45 years, has also served as the primary dentist at the clinic for more than 40 years, that provides dental care to school age children, ranging from kindergarten to grade 12, whose families are unable to afford dental care. “Thousands of children in Beverly have gotten dental care that could have otherwise gone untreated because of Dr. Skolnick,” said Bill Burke, director of Public Health. “He is a gentle mannered man whose personality has calmed many frightened children. He is our unsung hero.” Kiva made contributions to his home town of Beverly, to dentistry and was devoted to his Temple. A generous man I would have loved to know. It sounds like he had a humorous attitude toward life and he embraced living. It also sounds like there were many who knew him, loved him, cherished and sought his company. However, I get the feeling that he was a very humble man. A role model and someone we wish to emulate and imitate. Kiva leaves behind a legacy to his friends and children and grandchildren. I quote from , “Perhaps we should all learn to adopt some of his ways to make this beautiful world of ours a better and safer place.”
Another amazing and wonderful man taken from us much too soon. Today let us remember and honor a man full of life and love.
Dr. Kiva Skolnick, let’s go have some fun and run 26.2, this ones for you. We got this!