In memory of Lydia Jack, she passed at only 52, so Lydia 52 is also for YOU! - Marathon Goddess

I met my beautiful new friend Belinda at the LA Marathon’s Big 5 training night in El Segundo. We started talking and she told me about her sister Lydia and that she passed from pancreatic cancer at the very young age of 52. We started crying and I instantly knew I had to dedicate #52 to Lydia. Lydia was a great woman. She and her sister raised their children together. She gave all she could to help people that she loved the most. She was funny and strong willed. She loved Jimmy Buffet, Elvis, Tom Cruise and See’s candy. A girl after my own heart. They were best friends and Lydia is missed every day. She loved Belinda’s children like they were her own and Belinda loved Lydia’s son like he was hers. Lydia worked at the DWP for many years until her passing. Cheeseburger in Paradise was her favorite song. They would sing it with the kids in tow on their way to the beach every summer. I hope Lydia is having a wonderful time in paradise. I will imagine Lydia’s beautiful spirit with me while I run tomorrow, knowing what a strong willed woman she was will help me with every step I take. Lydia, #52 is for YOU. We got this!!! This one’s for you : Cheeseburgers in Paradise xoxoxo Lydia Band