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As you may or may not know by now I am dedicating all of my marathons to someone affected by pancreatic cancer. I ran this one for Jay Saunders who just recently passed on November 12th. I wrote a special blog for him. For the very special dedication please read the Jay Saunders blog. It was beautiful, I felt his energy running with me, running in front of me, running backwards and pulling me forward. I visualized his beautiful smiling face, right there. We were cruising. I was ahead of the 4:45 group for over half of the race and feeling the strongest I had in a while. It is very important that I don’t go too fast in all of these marathons, so I stay injury free, but I knew with Jay beside me I could continue this pace for the rest of the marathon. At about mile 15 I stopped to take pictures, then stopped again to rock out with the band. By then I knew I had lost the 4:45 group and just decided to have fun. Although I could have gone faster, I settled in for the ride. A wise move, thanks Jay, it was such an honor to run with you and for you <3

Look at that smile. It was such an honor to run for Jay. xoxo

Then at mile 17 I am running along and the song Spirit in the Sky comes on by, Norman Greenbaum. Well just at that moment I look to my right and I see a cemetery and I am in Awe. Spirit in the sky was playing loud in my ears and they were there. I had all of the great spirits guiding me, lifting my spirits on this journey cheering for me louder than anything I have ever felt before. Miles 17 to 26 were my fastest, funnest miles of the marathon. Thank you spirits. I was flying!!!!

Not only did Jay pace me, he picked me up and we FLEW accross the finish line. Love ♥

I even got two medals and I was only supposed to get one, and now I know why. The second medal is for Jay! One was from the race that most finishers got and the other one was a special medal for Marathon Maniac finishers only, but I was only supposed to get one, however, the volunteers told me to keep the second. I mailed the second medal to Jay’s family. <3

Here ya go Jay, one for me and one for you ♥. We did it 🙂

  Let’s back up now to my plane ride to Tulsa, wake up call 4am, for a 6:30 flight. I get on the plane and tell the two gentlemen sitting next to me about my campaign, I just checked my donation link and they donated $300!!! Wow! I tell everyone about my journey, I love to see peoples reactions. Some don’t believe me and are amazed and then some people look at me like, did I ask? Ha ha, no but it’s ok. I get that from my Dad. That is really awesome! I decided to check my bag since there was no room on the plane for it. I made it to Tulsa, but my bag did not. Great, well at least I had my shoes. Time to go shopping, I could not take a chance in case my bag did not show up in time. and low and behold it did not until I returned to LA. It got stuck in Houston. My favorite comment from facebook was from marathon mitch who has done 104 marathons he said “Houston, we have a problem”, Marathon Mitch. 🙂One good thing about this whole ordeal is since I never opened my suit case I am already packed for my next marathon #35 in Seattle. Yee Haw!

They can take my luggage, they can try and break my spirit one way or another. But I’ve got my new purple running clothes, just bought purple flowers for my hair and some new found determination. I am a girl on a mission and Jay’s got my back ♥ There is no stopping us now. Route 66 Marathon We got this! #unstoppable — at Tulsa Convention Center

I met Keith at the marathon expo. We did a podcast there. He said he was interviewing celebrity runners and he wanted to interview me. I am a celebrity runner? Me and my 5 hour + marathons? Flattered! Here is Keith’s awesome webiste: So I got my clothes, I was grateful to have the hotel service drive me to the market to get me some purple flowers for my hair, my marathon goddess bib and we are good to go.

Beautiful Purple 🙂


Love it 🙂

I had emailed the local news in Tulsa and they picked up my story and met me at the start line. Not only that, they followed me throughout the whole marathon, it aired Sunday night. Here is the link and here we are talking before the marathon. I am so grateful to them for helping me spread awareness. I also ran into Spidy Women, Camielle Herron, right before the start. We have been friends on facebook and finally got to meet her in person. She went on to WIN the race for the women, and achieved the new Superhero Costume Marathon World Record. of 2:48:51! Amazing! Do you think I would be faster if I wore a cape?  

Speedy Spidey!

Also, what are the chances of me running into any team hope runners amongst over 10,500 runners at the start line? Pure Fate! I climb over the gate into the start line and help the camera man over with me. Immediately I spot two women wearing Team hope shirts. I of course did not have my team hope shirt because it was somewhere in Houston, but I did have purple on, but WOW. What are the chances, I call it synchronicity.. We even got it on the news. They had lost their mom to pancreatic cancer and tears were flowing. Sigh. This has got to stop. It was awesome to see so many Marathon Maniacs on the course today. The Marathon Maniacs are a group of runners who do multiple marathons like me. I am Maniac #2544. They have all different levels and something for everyone. I feel like half of the runners had maniac shirts on. I just put my order in to make my own purple maniac shirt.

Photo op with the Marathon Maniacs at mile 7

I felt so strong this marathon, nothing hurt. My knee was not perfect but better than it has been and my heart was full of joy with some sadness for all those who have lost their lives to pancreatic cancer and the loved ones they left behind. However I have a new found determination and I have now been to the center of the universe, there is no stopping us now.

Now we can do anything!

The bus ride back to the start line was fun with cheering, first time marathon, veteran marathoners, me. It was a party. A great way to end the trip. Even better after I showered and made it to the airport my bag showed up with a $75 dollar travel voucher and $50 cash to cover my expenses. Thank you Southwest, sort of :/ With only 18 marathons left, I am so grateful to be touching so many people, making a difference in the world of pancreatic cancer and at the same time having some fun. It’s a win win win. I would love to turn this into a full time profession, if my body and bank account could handle it, I would do it all over again, and I think I could. For now it’s back to work at my Mon through Friday 9-5 but so grateful to have the best boss in the world. Thank you everyone for following my blog, it was a beautiful weekend, stay tuned for Freezing in Seattle. Freezing in Seattle? sounds like a movie. I hear they have a high of 45. Burr. I appreciate all your support in helping me fight the good fight and beat pancreatic cancer once and for all. We got this.xo   Love, Julie xoxo Jay was such a love, look and “like” this page . He has a huge social comminuty that supported him and his family and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and still do:



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  1. LaVonne Levar | 11/27/2012 at 1:26 PM

    Awesome Julie! You continue to inspire so many of us who are battling some type of pancreatic cancer.

    We are planning the TeamHope Grandma’s Marathon for next year again. I felt so privileged to meet you last year when you were here in Duluth! Your spirit of determination and yet a spirit of tenderness and gentleness is rare and you bring joy in so many ways!