From Kona to Leadville Part 1 - Marathon Goddess


In Love with Kona and in Love with my Medal xo

Before I tell you about one of, if not, the most beautiful marathons in the world, The Kona Marathon. I will quickly tell you that I just successfully completed one of the hardest marathons in the world, the Leadville marathon. Here I am on top of the world: This was taken on the top of Mosquito Pass. Elevation 13,185 feet. Now I feel like I can do anything. In fact I think I just did. Before I go on I would like to mention that in my last blog I thought there was a 50/50 chance of a stress fracture. I am happy to report there is no stress fracture, I just tied my laces to tight and was to stuborn to stop and loosen them. Lesson learned. Number 11, the Kona marathon was like running in heaven. Here I am getting off of the plane and stepping into paradise.   Above…The first sign I see. Above. The second sign I see.. Gecko- Our welcoming committee We get our rental car and as if I needed another sign that I am on the right track here. Take a look at the license plate on our rental car. Now to some that may not mean much but the fact that it had a 262 on there blew me away. 262 (26.2 miles in a marathon) That was a sign from the universe. I am reminded of the quote: There are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle- Albert Einstein. I prefer the later. Hele on to the Sheraton resort bay in. The Kona Marathon was so welcoming and extremely generous. The room was provided by the Kona Marathon and the Sheraton, complete with swan towels, a basket of goodies and UCC Kona Coffee on the Lanai. The Kona marathon and Family Fun Runs put on an Aloha Friday fun run. I didn’t run it, I just walked around and met everyone ,indulged in an Orange Julius, which I haven’t had in years. There was great sponsorship. Subway, sushi, ice cream and lots of yummy treats. We had a nice evening till I put a yellow flower in my hair that was infested with bugs, and I had to rush home to the showers. Thanks David lol. Saturday David and I were scheduled to speak at the expo. David is a brilliant speaker. I have never spoken in front of a crowd before, so I was terrified. Even more terrifying then running 52 marathons in a year. David did fantastic as usual and I did pretty good for my first time. The crowd seemed touched and inspired by my story. Here are some pictures of the expo: The Kona marathon did a fundraiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network with a screening of the Spirit of the Marathon. We were supposed to watch a special screening of The Spirit of the Marathon 2 but they didn’t get it edited in time. But stay tuned. I know someone in that movie. Yours truly. That was so generous of them. Mahalo Kona Marathon You guys rock!! After the screening we had a beautiful carbo load dinner overlooking the ocean while we watched the sunset I did another speech at the dinner. I was much more relaxed. Except for I couldn’t get the pages of my speech to turn, but I worked it out and ended up doing great. Some people even told me they were in tears and even someone came up to me after the speech to share with me how they had recently lost someone to this ugly disease and with hugs and tears they made a donation right there on the spot. It was really very sad. But happy that I am up there taking a stand to end this madness. It’s time head back to the hotel and get ready for the marathon. I get out my shirt, my race bib, my socks and my shoes… but where are my shoes? I left my shoes out by the jacuzzi the night before and we went back out there to get them but they are gone. Not in lost and found, not in the car. Thankfully I had a back up pair that I had never worn before. Pearl Izumi was so nice to send me some running clothes and shoes so I thought I would bring them along for pictures. But I ended up wearing them in the race and they were fantastic. My left foot was happy too. Thank you Pearl Izumi, I couldn’t have done it with out you. Well I could have run barefoot but that may have hurt. Race morning had arrived, I was hanging out in the finish line area having coffee and chit chatting when I hear that the race had started. Oh my… I ran up to the starting line and I was off, pretty much last again, but that’s ok. What an unbelievable course along the Alii drive and onto Highway 11. I ran with a new friend Rodney for 16 miles and we took it nice and easy. The race support and staff were so friendly. It almost seemed like there was a water station at every mile filled with smiling faces and alohas! Coming in to the finish was nothing short of Amazing. I was greeted by David and his camera of course, David the awesome race director, hula girls and so much love. A friend I met in Kona after the marathon came up to me with tears in his eyes after the finish, because he too had lost his father to Pancreatic Cancer. I am in shock of how many people are affected by this horrific disease. It is so sad but I am glad I am out here making a difference. We went to Magic Beach and met some awesome friends: They knew me from the newspaper article that came out in West Hawaii Today that weekend. I also was named Hawaiian Energy Shotz July Face of the month. What a weekend. I am so grateful. Below are the links: New friends Happy at Magic Beach 🙂 I dedicated this race to Amanda Steins Mother, Deborah Joan Spry. 1950-2007, so young, so beautiful and faught pancreatic cancer for 18 months. It’s heart breaking. I thank you all for your support and following me along on my journey. Please tell your friends and share with them what I am doing. I am doing all I can to make a difference. This severely underfunded disease has gone on for too long, taking the lives of so many amazing and beautiful people without even giving them a fighting chance. For Amanda’s mom and all those affected please help me make a difference. Stay tuned for part 2 when we go from Kona at sea level to Leadville at over 13,000 feet. Oh Boy! We Got this! xoJulie

Aloha Kona, until we meet again xo