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Dear Monica Amrhein (Pirez) and friends,
It is with such a grateful heart that my marathon today is dedicated to you. Although I know very little about your life, I do know what a special, loved, young wife, daughter, mother and friend you are with two children a little girl and boy. Your outlook on life, especially living with PC is always so REAL. Your humor and life lessons are inspiring beyond words. I love the purple metallic wig you wore at advocacy Day in DC on the steps of the Capital. You will see her daughter wearing it below. Monica quotes “We are going to beat this thing…with rocks, science and a box of cootie shots!” She said she is so honored that I am running for her, but I am the one that is honored. Let us all be Monica’s biggest, loudest and best cheerleaders in the world! Monica goes on to say “And at the end of the day, this disease is simply horrible, BUT I have made so many wonderful friends and met the most amazing people through it…so there is always a bright side!” Yes she is one gutsy broad from the Bronx!! Monica, this one is for you and we are pulling out all the stops. It’s time to beat this thing once and for all. Keep on keeping on. We are all with you, fighting the good fight and we are going to win. Sending big hugs, high 5’s and so much love. Now get better soon so you can come out here and run one of these marathons with me. I am holding you to that girl. Or better yet, I will come out to NY and run one with you. We got this! xo
Love you,
Julie xoxo

Here is a picture of Monica’s little girl. Rockin the Purple Wig 🙂 Sooo cute!

Let’s keep fighting so we can see more of these 🙂



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  1. Monica Amrhein | 11/25/2012 at 8:31 AM

    Thank you so much! And I do remained honored that you are doing this run for me! But not for me for all of us fighting against this disease, for all who we have lost to this killer and for those who will one day be fighting their own fight against this cancer. We all thank you! We will find a cure! We will beat it! Thank you for being one of the loudest voices we have. And I will one day run with you!