The Plot Thickens

Call it a blessing in disguise, or call it what you will, but the bottom line is I have a LCL pull in my right knee. First we were treating it as an IT band injury (it had the same symptoms). But no, this is an LCL pull that may have occurred during a yoga class of all places, not even running. Many thoughts come to mind, Can she do it? Can she recover and get strong enough to run 52 Marathons that begin in less than 53 days? What is going to happen? Depression, anxiety and fear set in. But not for long. I turned my attitude right side up today. I may only be able to run 2 miles this Saturday and that’s ok. The realization is that I GET to run 2 miles this weekend. Then next week more, and more and more. My PT says I could take a month off and run a marathon without missing a beat. I am grateful for it all. Maybe this is the Universes way of getting me to rest and get strong for the 52. Well whatever it is Universe, it worked. Now I am on a mission to get stronger and more flexible than ever before. If I can’t run, then you better believe I will be rowing, and cycling, and strength training like there is no tomorrow. Thank you Universe, I am listening. More soon.xo

Spirit of the Marathon 2

We just started filming for the Spirit of the Marathon 2. The Rome Marathon becomes a movie. I will be able to spread my love for running marathons, the love for my father, and spread awareness to help find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer through out Rome . It is really unbelievable I have been given such an amazing gift to shine my spirit all over the world. I feel like I am living my dream. I am not going to lie, I am freaking out a little, how am I going to run all these marathons, keep my 9-5 job, my dog, my fiancé and my life together? But I know I have an unstoppable will and with enough faith and strength together we can make this happen. Also, I was a bit torn to find that Rome was the same day as the LA Marathon. My first reaction was there is no way I can do this. But with the amazing support from my friends and my running group The G6 and the love and excitement they expressed for me to go and shine in Rome, it was hard, but I am going for it. I even have a few of my runners coming with me. It is awesome. Life is about opportunity, and seizing it is pleasure. So off I go, and seriously, it just goes to show that when you do what you love, and follow your dreams, miracles do happen. Wow! XVIII ACEA ROME MARATHON 2012 | Rome Info

The 52 Begins

Working with my amazing website designer on what is going to be the most amazing web site and awesome way to start out the New Year. Here we go. Stay tuned for Magic!