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Today is a good day! #48 for Dino Murphy xo

I woke up this morning and instantly thought of the 3 people I was running for today. Dino Murphy being one of them. I went to look at an email his sister Nancy sent me and these words stood out: “Today is a good day”, and you know what? It was. Dino was full of life. Even on his worst days, you could call and ask how he was doing. He’d say “Today is a good day”. I love that. That became their family mantra and they have bracelets that say that with his name. Dino told his sister he didn’t want to be a poster child for cancer but she knew that she would fight for him and people would know who he was. Dino was a Lt Col in the Army. He had a wife and three kids. He was diagnosed at 44 years old on Dec 10, 2009 and passed a little less than a year later at 45 yrs old on Nov 26, 2010. Dino’s sister Nancy thanked me for giving him life this weekend. Nancy, thank you for letting me, it is an honor. Dino is buried at Ft Sam Houston Cemetery just down the road in San Antonio. Today when I was running I kept seeing soldiers cheering me on and I thought of Dino. I high fived the soldiers in Dino’s honor and when the marathon got tough I said out loud ‘Today is a good day”and I didn’t care if people thought I was crazy. Crazy in a good way. Dino’s sister Nancy and I have been in contact almost this whole journey trying to figure out a race for me to run in Dino’s honor and today was the perfect day. I had so much support out there from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and knew I was meant to run for Dino today.
Pancan water station, bigtime support. eyes closed, I am running in my sleep :)

Pancan water station, bigtime support. eyes closed, I am running in my sleep 🙂

  Nancy, it was an honor to run in Dino’s memory today. I felt him smiling down on me. Today was beautiful and a true gift to run for your brother. Dino 2 Sending all my best wishes to Dino’s family and all of those affected by pancreatic cancer. I will keep on fighting to help put an end to this terrible disease that has taken the lives of too many beautiful people like Dino, long after my 52 marathons. We will put an end to it. We got this! With Love and deep grattitude, Julie xo

Go Team Hanzlik!!

I ran for one of my Hero’s today: for Steve Hanzlik fighting pancreatic cancer. Steve, I hope you read this and know that today was a LOVE FEST. Seriously, I have never felt so much love and support in a marathon. I had friends by my side, I had you and Heather on my mind all day. Then at mile 23 I see this:
I couldn't believe my eyes :D

I couldn’t believe my eyes 😀

When I was running today, I was not having such an easy time, but this sign and Lesley’s beautiful smile was a sight for sore eyes. I thought about Steve and his fight. I kept on going, having faith and keeping the hope alive. That is what we do, we are Teamhope and Team Hanzlik. I was meant to run for Steve Hanzlik today, I got a facebook note from his sister Heather and felt an instant urge to do what I could to help. Please got to this beautiful website she created and do what you can to help. Here is the message from Heather on the home page of
Steve Hanzlik

Steve Hanzlik

  Steve is my eldest brother – he is also a son, a husband, a father, a friend! He was born in Austin, Texas (a Longhorn fan to the core!) 17 August 1964. After traveling the globe with our family as a ‘military brat’ he married Dodie Jean Faunce, 10 December 1983. He joined the Army on 28 December 1983 and spent 4 years in Germany as a member of our Armed Forces. Steve and Dodie had their first son, Drew, on 6 June 1990 and their second son, Austin, on 11 December 1992. When our father died,11 November 1993, he stepped up as patriarch of our family. He has always shown up for anyone who needed anything, whether that be family, friends or unknown friends. Steve was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer on 7 November 2012. He is currently under the care of the best doctors in the Pancreatic Cancer field at John’s Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. His cancer has progressed VERY rapidly. Steve has always prided himself on his ability to provide for his family and continues to do so to the best of his ability. Although he does have medical insurance that will help cover some of the treatments, he is going to need assistance in order to defray additional medical costs. I was honored to run for Steve today, please do what you can to help. Prayers, donations, love, hope it all matters. I pushed through today, never giving up, not for one second. Keeping the hope alive, that is what I do. Now I hope I can do that for Steve. And Steve, since you were born here and know the motto of “Keep Austin Weird” Here is something to make you smile. Keep smiling. You are in my prayers and now in the prayers of everyone reading this blog. Let the healing begin. Have an inspired recovery, we got this. xo-Julie
Keep Austin Weird :D

Keep Austin Weird 😀


Marathon #48- For Dino, Steve and Helen- This ones for you. We got this. xo

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.25.51 PM Marathons are so symbolic of life. Lao Tzu said The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and here I am about to finish 1,257 miles. We have come a long way and it has been worth every step. The next 26.2 miles I am about to run here in Austin, Texas all have symbolism. For Dino, a brave soul who is buried here in Austin. For Steve fighting for his life, who was born here and Helen who passed away at the young age of 48. As I run marathon #48 I dedicate my run to these brave souls and all those affected from pancreatic cancer:

Helen Valcarcel Stevens

Dino Murphy

Dino Murphy

Steve Hanzlik

Steve Hanzlik- Keep fighting. You got this! Go Team Hanzlik!

Run by my side;
live in my heartbeat;
give strength to my steps
As the cold surrounds me,
as the wind pushes me,
I know you surround me.
As the sun warms me,
as the rain cleanses me,
I know you are touching me,
challenging me, loving me.
And so I give you this run.
Thank you for matching my stride.
I will post each dedication separately tomorrow after the race, I just want you all to know, that my heart goes out to every one of you who are in someway affected from this terrible disease. Although I may be tired, I know this is nothing, I mean nothing compared to the fight these brave souls and so many others have to endure . It is my life’s mission, not to beat the time on the clock, but beat pancreatic cancer and that is my only competitor out there tomorrow, and we intend to win. With love and deep gratitude. Dino, Steve and Helen, this one is for you. We got this. xoxo -Julie  

A little piece of Heaven- Marathon #47(pt 2-Miles 9-17) For Nain Gonzales

Courtneylee wrote to me a few marathons ago. She is PanCAN’s Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Rhode Island affiliate. She volunteers in memory of Nain Gonzales who was diagnosed on June 30th 2011 and lost his battle to pancreatic cancer exactly 5 months later at the age of 42, just 46 days before his first and only child was born. She carried his daughter, Amara, for him and his wife because his wife lost her uterus to cervical cancer 10 years prior. She went into the journey hoping to make them both parents, start their family and help their dreams come true. Although all that was accomplished, Amara will never know her father. Pancreatic cancer robbed her from one of the greatest relationships in the world – a father/daughter one. For the Gonzales family and for all families affected by pancreatic cancer, she, like me and so many of us will not stop volunteering and hoping to make a difference. As you can imagine it has been a roller coaster of emotions for them. But they are so thankful to have Amara, a special piece of Nain. Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 9.55.32 PM   Nain was the type of person that everyone loved as soon as you meet him. He had the greatest smile, he was kind, cherished his wife and family, had fantastic morals and always helped everyone he could. At 42 years old, he has so much to still live for, but in the short time he was here, the accomplishments he achieved will live on in everyone who knew him or learns about him. Amara will definitely know how amazing her daddy was. Volunteering with PanCAN and realizing Courtneylee was not in this alone mad her feel better – it will not bring back our loved ones, she says, but she feel like she is doing something to help others, even if just one person. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Courtneylee you are beautiful. As I run this marathon I will imagine Nain’s beautiful spirit running with me, helping me up those mountains. It’s like I am on the wings of angels. Courtneylee, I send you all my best wishes and if you ever want to come run a marathon with me, just let me know. For Nain, for Amara for Kate, for you and all those affected, this ones for you. We got this! xo -Julie For more information please read their article that was featured in the Boston Globe:

A little piece of Heaven- Marathon #47: for Dwayne Jones (Miles 1-8)

  This journey has been filled with so many moments or coincidences, or signs from the universe that I am on the right track. Even the room key at my hotel today, look at this:
It's a SIGN

It’s a SIGN 🙂

While I was running marathon #44 in Arizona, I met Natalie. First I met her at the expo, then we saw each other around mile 6. We have something in common, unfortunately it is that both of our fathers passed away from pancreatic cancer. We were talking about our fathers and she mentioned that her father was only 47 when he passed. Then the sign came, marathon #47 is for Natalie’s father Dwayne Jones. Both of us immediately had chills covering our entire bodies. It was meant to be. So here I am about to tackle a marathon with 4,800 feet of elevation gain, I have no idea where I am (somewhere in San Francisco), but I do know what I’m doing, I am fighting the good fight against pancreatic cancer and today I run for 3 very special people. Dwayne Jones,the first part of my marathon is for you:Dwayne   Jones47
Dwayne passed away on September 15, 2007 at the age of 47. He leaves behind his daughter Natalie, her sister and 5 young grandchildren. He was able to meet his beautiful 5th grandchild just two months before he died. As children Natalie and her sister remember him as one of their own. He was always full of energy and wanted to “play.” He continued the tradition with the grandchildren as he loved to spoil them with anything from trips to the amusement park to picking them up for a sleepover at Grandpa’s house. He was always their biggest cheerleader and they will never forget the way he called them “sweetie” or “babe”. He was supportive no matter what!
Pancreatic Cancer took their Dad in just 5 short months. It was very frustrating for the family. It is so sad but true many of the doctors look for everything under the sun except pancreatic cancer. Only to find it too late, but we have hope. Like Dwayne did. Despite the physical and emotional pain he was enduring, he tried to always remain positive and was more concerned about the people around him than he was himself! That’s the kind of man he was. He is missed and loved every day. When I run up the mountain , I know I won’t be alone. I will imagine Dwane’s positive spirit by my side, guiding me, helping me and smiling the whole way. With love an honor, Dwayne this one is for you. We got this xo-Julie
Dwayne and his girls.  So cute :)

Dwayne and his girls. So cute 🙂

So much love

So much love

True Love

True Love

Whipple was successful last week and now I get to go home today. Two days after surgery I was up and walking and I didn’t stop. The team call me their star patient ;>
I am overjoyed and feel like shouting it out at the top of the mountain where I will be running this weekend.

Marathon #46: 3 Hearts for 3 Loves ♥ ♥ ♥

I run today in honor of Team Hope. On my team today we have 3 very special people in this dedication, well actually 4, at the 11th hour I just got another request. So in honor of these people and the thousands of others who are affected daily with pc, this one is for you. Today is a little extra special as I will have my beautiful friend, Roberta Luna, a pancreatic cancer SURVIVOR run across the finish line with me. Like me Roberta lost her father to pc, but not only that, her uncle and her grandmother. At the time she did not understand the full impact this disease would have, until now. Below is just a small part of Roberta’s amazing story I found online. What an inspriation she is. For Roberta and anyone, losing three members of her family to pancreatic cancer was mind blowing. How could this be? What about her sons? What could this mean to them? She had no answers; only unanswerable questions. Then the unthinkable, Roberta developed vague symptoms herself, and she knew. The doctors told her she was lucky: the tumor was small and it was caught early and If she started treatment immediately she would have a better chance than most. She started chemotherapy immediately, and also underwent radiation for a short period of time. Because of her early diagnosis, the support of her family and those closest to her, and the grace of God, she is still here today to tell her story and run across the finish line with me. But the disease still plays a prominent role in her life: her mom was diagnosed in 2005. Together, we continue to fight. Roberta joined the Orange County Affiliate and has the unique position to be on both sides of the fence, as both a caretaker and a survivor. Through her experiences, she now bring hope to those who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, survivors, as well as the precious caretakers. She wants to make a difference so that one day, no one ever has to hear the words go home and put your house in order again.-Roberta Luna Today as we run across the finish line together this will be symbolic of ending pancreatic cancer once and for all. Love you girl. xox




                For Noel and Kerry: You can just feel the love radiating from this picture?: Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 5.37.54 PM Kerry’s husband Noel was diagnosed April 2011 at 54 years of age with Pancreatic Cancer. I quote the following from Kerry’s story about her beautiful husband Noel: They had booked a family holiday to California, taking the kids to Disney and renew their wedding vows for their 10th wedding anniversary on a beach in Ventura CA. Not far from Huntington Beach where I am running today. Look at these beautiful children: Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 5.36.11 PM The doctors had given Noel a life expectancy of 6 months. They were not offered any other form of support or information. Noel’s had two daughters from a previous marriage. Upon the news Noel & Kerry stood outside the hospital just clinging to each other and crying. How could it be? How could she be losing the love of her life? There wasn’t a damn thing either of them or anyone else could do. Her two kids were losing their daddy and his older 3 theirs too, life can be so cruel. They had tried in vain to get travel insurance for Noel so they could bring their trip to the USA forward but it wasn’t to be. July 2nd they took their children to Euro Disney for what would be the last family holiday they would ever have. They decided that renewing our wedding vows was so important even more so now that they planned their wedding renewal August 18th exactly 10 years to the day they originally took our vows to each other. Noel was so sick he fought so hard. Every day he asked about how many days until our renewal. August 17th, Noel was released from hospital 24 hours before they walked down the aisle and pledged their love all over again, till death do us part. There weren’t too many dry eyes in the church that day!
Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 8.37.49 PM
One of Noels daughters announced she was pregnant. Noel was so thrilled but also so sad he knew he wouldn’t be around to see the birth of his first grandchild. Kerry knew Noel didn’t have much longer. How do you say goodbye to someone that is you’re everything? How can you even think about life without them? She had to tell her children that the angels were coming for daddy, he was tired. Seeing her babies climb on to the bed, kissing their daddy telling them how much they loved him tore her to pieces an image that she will never forget. She knew, it was time and she had to let her soul mate go. But she knew she would see him again, and that he will be waiting for her.
Noel was diagnosed Good Friday 2011 and Good Friday 2012 Harry Alan Noel Donnell came into the world looking so much like his granddad. A special time for sure but with so many emotions attached to it. After Noel passed, Kerrry threw herself into raising awareness & fundraising as much as she possibly could. At their renewal there were donations made in lieu of gifts which PCUK received £1200. In total £10,261.13 has been raised which is amazing. families in support of pancreatic cancer. Kerry I am so sorry for your loss of your soulmate. I do just want to say that I am so happy that the time you shared together was so beautiful, so full of love and so much light. That is the love we all dream of, but never to have to go through the pain that you did, so I will do all I can to put an end to it. Sending you big hugs as I imagine Noels spirit running with me today. All my best and Happy birthday to you. Hope it was wonderul. xo Julie For Greg Willard Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 6.25.34 PM   Since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2012, Greg Willard has valiantly fought the disease with the support of his wife of 22 years, Laurie, and their children Bryce, Shelby and Weston, as well as many other family members and friends. He has also received tremendous support from his colleagues in the National Basketball Association (NBA), where he has worked as a highly regarded referee for 24 NBA seasons. Greg is a true role model. I met him at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network gala in October, where he was being honored. He said to me “I’ll see you at the finish line!” Today Greg just may be out there volunteering. He and his family resides in Huntington Beach. That would be so awesome to see Greg out there today. Yet another symbol of upon finishing this marathon we are going to kick pancreatic cancer in the butt and finish it once and for all! Love to you and your family Greg. Keep fighting and never ever give up hope. xo-Julie One more, to make it 4 ♥♥♥♥: At the 11th hour last night I found an email from someone who contacted me after my write up in the Miami Herald last weekend. Mitch, A runner reaching out to me and thanking me,who has been impacted by this horrible cancer. He says, “I am not near 52 marathons in 52 weeks but I am on my own journey in running being pushed by thoughts of my dad Please keep him in mind during one of your strides in the future and please keep up the inspirations you give to everyone.” Dr. Robert Mitchell you are in my heart today, and I will imagine you as we run together to end this awful disease. And then there were 4 and thousands more. We are in this together, putting and end to pancreatic cancer one marathon at a time. We got this ♥♥♥♥  

Miami Soul- #45 A soul run for Maureen Adlard and others. We are a team,Team Hope!!!

As I close in on my journey I am getting more emails every day of people in someway affected by pancreatic cancer. It breaks my heart, but I am happy to be able to run in memory of a loved one, spread awareness about a severely underfunded disease that has been ignored for much too long. I find that running in someones name puts a name to the disease making 
it more real to people who read about it. That in and of itself is a
 huge benefit to bringing awareness of this horrible disease. The reality is that there is not enough marathons for the number of people affected by pc, but for these marathons it’s more about 
the emotions that they bring up in people who hear about them. Also,
when I learn about the person I am running for it gives me strength,
and motivation to finish for them. I imagine their spirit helping me
 along. I have 4 special people I am running for today: Maureen Adlard For Maureen: (written by her children) Even growing up in the depression era, and suffering polio as a youngster, she was a vibrant young lady who loved helping others, which, in large part, led to her becoming an elementary school teacher. She was a wonderful wife and mother of 3. On her 46th birthday, while undergoing gallbladder surgery, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Despite being a non-smoker and drinker, she had grown up in a household where both parents smoked heavily, which is a huge contributing factor in pancreatic cancer in the next generation, as well as lung cancer and other smoking related diseases, despite the kids not smoking themselves. She underwent full chemo and radiation, but despite the Cross Cancer Institute’s best efforts, and the prayers of her family and friends, she passed away on November 13, just two months after being diagnosed. She was a beloved teacher, and they have erected a permanent plaque in her honor at Dalton Elementary. More than that, her memory lives on with her children and friends, who are committed to doing something about this terrible disease for Maureen’s grandchildren, who she never got to meet, and for the children and grandchildren of everyone else affected. Her son Dave goes on to say “sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it is the duty of the ones left behind to make something good come of it and of the sacrifice of Maureen and the tens of thousands like her”. Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 7.13.49 PM David, Craig and Suzanne I send my love to you today, running in memory of your beautiful mother and creating hope and turning something so negative into a huge positive change. We got this. xoxox Julie Running mile 1 for my brother in arms, Benjamin Timoner’s father. Benjamin is currently walking across the country,for the second time, to raise money for pc in honor of his father. Yes you heard that right. His father Bert passed away from pc in 1974 at the young age of 41 and is buried here in Miami 🙁 Benjamin, Mile 1 is for your Dad. I am pretty sure he was your number 1 fan, just like my dad. All the best to you and wish you much success in your journey accross America. We got this! Bert Timoner- Mile 1 I received an email from Simon about his father Dave last week and told me about this incredible story form an inspiring man who is a runner at heart. He has run 66 marathons and 120+ half marathons over the years. He and his dad completed The Beechy Head marathon in October last year his dad beat him by 35mins so clearly his competitive spirit is still strong even though he is currently fighting pc. He continually stressed that for a marathon you shouldn’t think of half way as 13 miles. The hard work and the half way point he always assured him that it started around 20 miles – that’s where the training really began to pay off – how right he was. Dave Wickham, miles 20-26.2 are for you. Keep on believing, never loose hope. I will run for you too. For more on the official story, here is the link: and their giving link. Such an incredible will. Dave Wickham 20-26 Just yesterday I got a last minute beautiful email, with a donation and was asked “just look up and smile for Edie at some point in my run” his mom who passed away just this past March. Howard G. It would be an honor and thank you for your donation. We are going to fix this for your Dave, for Edie, for Benjamin’s Dad, for Maureen and so many others including my Dad. We cant stop now. With your help we can make a difference and we are. Please join in to Know it. Fight it and End it. Together we can, together we can create miracles. If I can run 45 marathons in 45 weeks, we can do anything! We are Team Hope and We got this. All my best wishes. See you at the finish line. xoxo Julie

#44: A Birthday gift and a Christmas wish for Keith Knapp and Donna Thompson

I was contacted this week by a beautiful facebook friend. We have something in common… unfortunately it is that both of our fathers passed away from pancreatic cancer. 🙁 She asked if I could dedicate some of my race to her Dad. His birthday was last week, January 15th he would have been 67 years old, way too young. She misses him terribly. I know the feeling. So although I don’t know much about her father, I do know that he was immensely loved by his daughter. I will run my race #44 in honor of Keith and for his family. I will keep up this strength and dedication to this fight as long as I live. It has become my lifes mission to bring awarenesss to a disease that has been ignored for far too long. We just can’t stop, every dollar counts and thank you so much Mignon for your generous donation. Also, every bit of awareness that we create makes a difference in getting people to understand that we can’t ignore this any longer. I will run in honor of a man who was so loved by his family and for his birthday my gift is raising hope for everyone affected from pancreatic cancer. We are in this together and together we will raise enough hope, awareness and money to end it once and for all. Sending hope and love to your family today and every day. God bless. My dear friend forever Jennifer Thompson reached out to me a few weeks ago because her beautiful mother in law Donna Thompson passed away the day after Christmas after losing a long battle with diabetes on December 26, 2012. All though I am running to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer ,these two people died needlessly.Donna was a devoted wife, loving mother, giving grandmother, loyal parishioner and friend. Donna was loved by many and will be missed. I love Jen and her family with all my heart. A special Mile 26 is for you Donna xo We will continue to search for a cure for pancreatic cancer, for all cancers and for all diseases, something has to be done. I am hoping that this campaign can inspire, create and help send that message of action. So with that, I am off to run 26.2 miles against a beast of a disease and for others too. Knowing that we are not alone in the fight, we must come together and end it once and for all. Sending all my best wishes and so much love to the family of Keith Knapp and Donna Thompson, I will see you in 26.2 . We got this! xo      

A dream is a wish your heart makes: This dream is for you: Carolyn Manning #43

Carolyn loved Disneyworld :)

Carolyn loved Disneyworld 🙂

In the beginning of my journey I met Christine. I remember her telling me about her Mom and how she loved Florida, Carolyn actually lived in Florida and loved Disney World. Above is her mother Carolyn and her two grandchildren Colleen and John, shortly before she was diagnosed with PC in 2001. She was just 61 when diagnosed in Sept 2001. Carolyn loved spending time with her grandchildren, walking the beach, volunteering, traveling, and cooking. She was the best cook… Made the most incredible lasagna, chocolate chip cookies, and baked stuffed shrimp. Yum! She was a great listener, and always saw the good in everyone. How inspiring is that? When I hear about people like Carolyn, it just makes my heart sing but yet I cry that another beautiful soul was taken away from us much too soon. Christine says her optimism was contagious. She believed she would beat this beast. She knew that time was such a gift….they appreciated every minute. Carolyn lived til May 2005, and when I say lived you know she did. She had a heart of gold, and a soul of an angel. Now she is a beautiful angel and can we all please learn from this beautiful woman? To treasure time, to always see the good in everyone and be optimistic. You can see it in her smile, and that is what the world needs more of. Today I will run for Carolyn and remember what a happy spirit she was and hope that I can have at least a sparkle of what she had within me to shine all the way to the finish line today. Carolyn Manning, this one is for you, as I run through the magical world that is Disney, I will remember a woman who’s optimistic,loving, inspiring spirit shined as bright as the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom’s castle. The fact that I am running at the happiest place on earth is very fitting for this very happy, positive woman. Thank you Cristine for allowing me to honor your mother today and remember her while I run. You better believe I will be smiling, singing and maybe even dancing the streets of Disney for Carolyn. Remembering a beautiful woman and working my but off to beat this darn disease that took her way too soon. With all my best wishes and love- Julie xoxo

A special mile, for a special man. Mile 6 for Victor Potvin.

I had a special request this week from Michele, a volunteer with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to run mile 6 of today’s race for her father Victor Potvin.
He was her biggest cheerleader. Just like my Dad. How could I resist? Michele mentioned 6 has a lot of meaning for her family Her birthday is 6/6, her son was born on the 6th, her father died on the 6th, and 6 has always been her lucky number. So being in that tomorrow is the 6th, we dedicate mile 6 to a very special man.
Victor passed away on January 6th, 2007 after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 68, in the first few years of retirement and loving life. He and his wife had been married for 48 years, and had just bought his dream home in FL for the winters, so he could play golf year round.
He was never sick a day in his life, so when he was diagnosed with pc, it was completely out of the blue. When he passed away, Michele was pregnant with her son Logan, who was to be his first grandchild.
Sooo Cute :)

Sooo Cute 🙂

Victor was the coach on Michele’s basketball team, played hoops in the driveway with her and her sister and endured many rounds of tennis helping her perfect the sport in high school, though she is not sure he was ever a fan of the sport 🙂 . What a guy! He always gave everyone a chance – he believed in the good in most people.
After he died, Michele’s sister and mother got so many cards from people they had never met, or not heard from in years with wonderful stories about their memories of her father. He is missed dearly by all every day. It’s in his memory that she volunteers with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.
Purple Power.  Go Michele!

Purple Power. Go Michele! Thank you !!! 🙂

Michele- Mile 6, is for all of you. You, Your Dad, your mother and your sister. I will smile and remember a man who saw the good in everyone he met, with a heart of gold and let him be a shining light of an example for all of us to do the same. What an honor. By the way, I was told that in numerology, this is a number 6 year. It can be the best of years if we are willing to be responsible for our actions. Let’s express integrity in everything we do, like Victor did. 🙂
Also, Thank you for contacting me in our quest to put an end to pancreatic cancer once and for all.
All the best. We got this and we did it!!!!
Mile 6
With love,