A dream is a wish your heart makes: This dream is for you: Carolyn Manning #43 - Marathon Goddess

Carolyn loved Disneyworld :)

Carolyn loved Disneyworld 🙂

In the beginning of my journey I met Christine. I remember her telling me about her Mom and how she loved Florida, Carolyn actually lived in Florida and loved Disney World. Above is her mother Carolyn and her two grandchildren Colleen and John, shortly before she was diagnosed with PC in 2001. She was just 61 when diagnosed in Sept 2001. Carolyn loved spending time with her grandchildren, walking the beach, volunteering, traveling, and cooking. She was the best cook… Made the most incredible lasagna, chocolate chip cookies, and baked stuffed shrimp. Yum! She was a great listener, and always saw the good in everyone. How inspiring is that? When I hear about people like Carolyn, it just makes my heart sing but yet I cry that another beautiful soul was taken away from us much too soon. Christine says her optimism was contagious. She believed she would beat this beast. She knew that time was such a gift….they appreciated every minute. Carolyn lived til May 2005, and when I say lived you know she did. She had a heart of gold, and a soul of an angel. Now she is a beautiful angel and can we all please learn from this beautiful woman? To treasure time, to always see the good in everyone and be optimistic. You can see it in her smile, and that is what the world needs more of. Today I will run for Carolyn and remember what a happy spirit she was and hope that I can have at least a sparkle of what she had within me to shine all the way to the finish line today. Carolyn Manning, this one is for you, as I run through the magical world that is Disney, I will remember a woman who’s optimistic,loving, inspiring spirit shined as bright as the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom’s castle. The fact that I am running at the happiest place on earth is very fitting for this very happy, positive woman. Thank you Cristine for allowing me to honor your mother today and remember her while I run. You better believe I will be smiling, singing and maybe even dancing the streets of Disney for Carolyn. Remembering a beautiful woman and working my but off to beat this darn disease that took her way too soon. With all my best wishes and love- Julie xoxo




  1. christine | 01/13/2013 at 7:43 AM

    Julie, this is beautiful. Thank you for running for my Mom, and for everyone else who has battled this beast. You are truly amazing.

  2. Karen | 01/13/2013 at 10:00 AM

    Julie….thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is heavy but my soul is lifted remembering my mother Carolyn; Christine is my sister and you are beautiful, gifted, inspirational and amazing. What an incredible tribute to my Mom…it is, as though you knew her. Chris is like that, tho…anyone that meets her will tell you the same, she conveys positive thought, energetic feelings and honest emotion with kindness and love and genuine heartfelt clarity. SHE is the same, by the way, and so are her children, and the gift transcends generations; we are all better people because of Carolyn Manning. I love my Mom more every day as I realize what a treasure we had here on earth WAY too briefly. Love and support and best wishes to YOU, dear Julie, and thank you for your gift of YOU.