A little piece of Heaven- Marathon #47(pt 2-Miles 9-17) For Nain Gonzales - Marathon Goddess

Courtneylee wrote to me a few marathons ago. She is PanCAN’s Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Rhode Island affiliate. She volunteers in memory of Nain Gonzales who was diagnosed on June 30th 2011 and lost his battle to pancreatic cancer exactly 5 months later at the age of 42, just 46 days before his first and only child was born. She carried his daughter, Amara, for him and his wife because his wife lost her uterus to cervical cancer 10 years prior. She went into the journey hoping to make them both parents, start their family and help their dreams come true. Although all that was accomplished, Amara will never know her father. Pancreatic cancer robbed her from one of the greatest relationships in the world – a father/daughter one. For the Gonzales family and for all families affected by pancreatic cancer, she, like me and so many of us will not stop volunteering and hoping to make a difference. As you can imagine it has been a roller coaster of emotions for them. But they are so thankful to have Amara, a special piece of Nain. Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 9.55.32 PM   Nain was the type of person that everyone loved as soon as you meet him. He had the greatest smile, he was kind, cherished his wife and family, had fantastic morals and always helped everyone he could. At 42 years old, he has so much to still live for, but in the short time he was here, the accomplishments he achieved will live on in everyone who knew him or learns about him. Amara will definitely know how amazing her daddy was. Volunteering with PanCAN and realizing Courtneylee was not in this alone mad her feel better – it will not bring back our loved ones, she says, but she feel like she is doing something to help others, even if just one person. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Courtneylee you are beautiful. As I run this marathon I will imagine Nain’s beautiful spirit running with me, helping me up those mountains. It’s like I am on the wings of angels. Courtneylee, I send you all my best wishes and if you ever want to come run a marathon with me, just let me know. For Nain, for Amara for Kate, for you and all those affected, this ones for you. We got this! xo -Julie For more information please read their article that was featured in the Boston Globe: http://www.bostonglobe.com/magazine/2012/11/25/lasting-surrogacy-bond/ImLDykJbKfUVp81Sh7E6jI/story.html




  1. Courtneylee Martinez | 02/09/2013 at 10:29 PM

    Oh Julie! You are an Angel here on earth. Thank you for the dedication to Nain. I know he’ll be rooting for you from the start to the finish line. You got this!! And a marathon with you?!?! That sounds tempting! We’ll talk more about that in April 🙂 enjoy #47!!!! XOXO

  2. Helen Williams | 02/16/2013 at 3:36 AM

    Love you MarathonGoddess! And welcome to Austin. Can’t thank you enough for what you are doing. My Dad died of cancer (not pancreatic) in ’76 when I was 19. Not only did cancer rob us of a gentle, creative, giant of a man, it profoundly affected my family and changed our lives forever. Now his Grandson, Stephen Hanzlik is fighting for his life, having been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in Nov. Stephen’s sister, Heather, is rallying the troops and was the one who noticed your campaign. I’m so sorry for your loss. Only those who have been through this particular level of hell on earth can begin to understand the hideousness of this disease. Once again, thank you, Goddess! You go, Girl!!