#48 for Helen Valcarcel Stevens ♥ - Marathon Goddess

Marathon #48 was also dedicated to a very special woman, Helen Valcarcel Stevens who was just 48 when she passed. 🙁  

Helen 🙂

Helen lived only 3 months after her diagnosis. Helen’s brother Jim contacted me after he heard a radio interview after the PF Changs Rocknroll Arizona marathon and when I read his email I knew that #48 was for Helen.
She had one child, Charles, and then right after she passed away her first grandchild was born. At last she got to see the scan of his mothers belly before she passed.
Her son Charles and two  grandchildren Jake and Zack the older. So cute :)

Her son Charles and two
grandchildren Jake and Zack the older. So cute 🙂

Helen was a kind hearted person that loved her child dearly and had a great relationship with him. She was a single mother, and knew the hard issues of life . Jim says in a way I remind him of his sister Helen (honored) . Helen had strong convictions about things in life and was very smart. She was one of four kids they always thought Helen was the smart one of the lot. She was humble and would have never fessed up to being so smart. Non only was Helen Jim’s only sister but his dearest friend, they spoke every day. Jim goes on to say to me that in a world that sometimes can be rather cold and dark, I am a ray of sunshine. Thank you Jim 🙂 I am honored to hear those words, as sunshine and hope is my message through out this journey, that warms my heart. I know this blog does not do your sister justice, there is so much more to be said here for the amazing woman that she was. I thought about her yesterday while I was running, her beauty, her intellect, and her young age. She did not deserve this, nor did my father, Dino, Steve and all those affected. They deserved better, and that is my mission. To raise hope, awareness and put an end to this terrible disease that has taken the lives of so many. Jim just lost his brother in law last night from skin cancer. Jim I am so sorry, all cancers suck! There is no other way to say it. I am sorry for your loss. In honor of your sister, your brother and law and so many others, I will my part to put an end to this madness. We wish you and the family, all survivors and those currently fighting a healthy and happy future. We all deserve better. We got this! Julie. xo