#44: A Birthday gift and a Christmas wish for Keith Knapp and Donna Thompson - Marathon Goddess

I was contacted this week by a beautiful facebook friend. We have something in common… unfortunately it is that both of our fathers passed away from pancreatic cancer. 🙁 She asked if I could dedicate some of my race to her Dad. His birthday was last week, January 15th he would have been 67 years old, way too young. She misses him terribly. I know the feeling. So although I don’t know much about her father, I do know that he was immensely loved by his daughter. I will run my race #44 in honor of Keith and for his family. I will keep up this strength and dedication to this fight as long as I live. It has become my lifes mission to bring awarenesss to a disease that has been ignored for far too long. We just can’t stop, every dollar counts and thank you so much Mignon for your generous donation. Also, every bit of awareness that we create makes a difference in getting people to understand that we can’t ignore this any longer. I will run in honor of a man who was so loved by his family and for his birthday my gift is raising hope for everyone affected from pancreatic cancer. We are in this together and together we will raise enough hope, awareness and money to end it once and for all. Sending hope and love to your family today and every day. God bless. My dear friend forever Jennifer Thompson reached out to me a few weeks ago because her beautiful mother in law Donna Thompson passed away the day after Christmas after losing a long battle with diabetes on December 26, 2012. All though I am running to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer ,these two people died needlessly.Donna was a devoted wife, loving mother, giving grandmother, loyal parishioner and friend. Donna was loved by many and will be missed. I love Jen and her family with all my heart. A special Mile 26 is for you Donna xo We will continue to search for a cure for pancreatic cancer, for all cancers and for all diseases, something has to be done. I am hoping that this campaign can inspire, create and help send that message of action. So with that, I am off to run 26.2 miles against a beast of a disease and for others too. Knowing that we are not alone in the fight, we must come together and end it once and for all. Sending all my best wishes and so much love to the family of Keith Knapp and Donna Thompson, I will see you in 26.2 . We got this! xo