#41 for Brenda Coleman: Let the healing begin because we are going to WIN! - Marathon Goddess

I met Brenda Coleman at Grandma’s Marathon. She is one of those rare, high energy leaders, that you can’t help but love. It was my Marathon number 10 this past June. Brenda is a 11 year SURVIVOR of Pancreatic Cancer. Now she is being challenged again. As rare as this is, the cancer has returned, but if anyone can beat it twice it is Brenda. She is a warrior.
Go Brenda Go!

Go Brenda Go!

Brenda Coleman is Twin Cities Affiliate Coordinator for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. She and TEAMhope welcomed me with open arms when I arrived in Minnesota. IMG_1245 Brenda is so beautiful inside and out. She has a confidence and faith that can move mountains. With your help and Gods love let’s build those mountains higher and stronger than ever before. Thus I ask you to all join in and help her in the fight to beat this again by sending healing, loving energy as she starts her first round of chemo today.
Please pray for no tumor activity ANYWHERE outside the current lung tumor. Pray that the tumor WILL respond to chemo and please everyone send her a big batch of HOPE to keep her mind clean and focused on GOD.
Here I am at Mile 22 at Grandmas marathon. This was such a special mile. She took this picture and was there with all the members of TEAMHOPE with a BIG huge smile, hugs and so much love. I just wanted to stay there. It was such a beautiful warm feeling. Now it’s time to return the favor to Brenda.
We are all here for you and send you all the love and healing energy to stay strong. As I run for you today know every mile is for you, every mile is to heal, every mile is to love and let the healing begin, because we are going to win. As I approach the finish line know that this is symbolic of Brenda getting to the finish line once again and this time she will finish stronger then ever before. Beating pancreatic cancer twice, with more love, strength and all the health in the world.
May you have everything you need and know that you are loved beyond measure. Sending you so much love today, and every day. We got this! xo