2015 June

My Thoughts on this Father’s Day!

5 years ago I lost my beloved father to pancreatic cancer. So far my efforts have raised over $300,000 in research to find a cure. On this father’s day, as I think of my Dad, the happy memories, the gratitude I have for what he gave our family and the tragic loss, I wish that he were still here.  He could have been here had there been a cure.  Please donate with the hopes that perhaps next father’s day many people who have had their father’s or loved ones afflicted with this disease will still be here to enjoy a life with the friends and family.  Thank you for giving this some thought and the time it will take you to make a donation. We need your help now more then ever. The following sights will gratefully accept any donation you are able to give.  Happy Father’s Day!  In loving memory of Maurice Weiss 1935-2010. PROJECT PURPLE LAZAREX CANCER FOUNDATION PANCREATIC CANCER ACTION NETWORK
My biggest fan.  Miss you Papa xo

My biggest fan. Miss you Papa xo



Happy National Running Day!! 26.2 Reasons Why I Run…

1. Running gives me goals to motivate me. Goals         2. Running challenges my inner being. 3. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment. 4. I run so I will no longer be depressed & overweight. Before and After         5.  I run for medals. .52 Medals         6.  I run to be with friends Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 6.44.49 AM         7.  I run to be the best version of myself. 8. I run to make my Dad proud. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         9. Running heals my soul. 10. I run to beat pancreatic cancer. Beatpc         11. I run for those who can’t. 12. I run for Hope. Paul and Julie         13. I run to inspire the world. Morante         14. Running makes me feel Alive. 15. I run to find my own sunshine. 16. Running makes my spirit shine. 17. Running makes me Happy. Happy -) 2         18. I run to show people anything is possible. 19. I run to qualify for The Boston Marathon. Boston High Resolution         20. Running pisses me off 🙂 Mad1         21. I run to have fun. Fun         22. I run to find inspiration. 23. I run to stop thinking. 24. I run to get places. 25. I run to cross finish lines. Passion copy           26. I run for life. .2 Just run! I run the extra mile for these amazing foundations to cure pancretic cancer. Please donate if you can. Thank you! Happy National Running Day.  #GoRunItJune3 We Got This!

Exciting Things Happening at the 2015 Kona Marathon!

As the Kona Marathon get’s closer,  the more excited I get.  I wanted to share just a few more of the amazing highlights of the Kona Marathon with you: The 2015 Kona Marathon will be located at the Waikoloa Beach Resort on the Kohala Coast. The race will start and finish at the Waikoloa Bowl at Queen’s Garden. The Marathon course has some moderate hills, never exceeding 290 feet above sea level with gentle climbs and drops. That sounds great to me! I will be running with  one of my good friends, fellow Marathon Maniac, Mark Kramer who I met on my journey of 52. Sadly he lost his mother to pancreatic cancer. We are brother and sister in Arms.   This year he will be finishing his 50th state with his good friend at the Kona Marathon.  The 3 of us will run together, estimating about a 4:30 finish, but more importantly, crossing the finish line all holding hands, signifying that you can do anything you put your mind too, anything is possible, including finding a cure for pancreatic cancer! What do you do when you are not running?  You shop and eat of course.  There is a fun family life style resort destination shopping experience with something for everyone called The Queens MarketPlace within the Waikoloa Beach Resort. With an exciting collection of boutiques, galleries, shops and services, plus a delightfully diverse Ono Food Court, upscale restaurants and a full schedule of free Hawaiian cultural activities and entertainment. After the marathon at Hilton Waikoloa Village, The Host Hotel,  is The Big Island Luau. How fun, right?  We will go there to celebrate so many things  like Mark’s 50th state,  My Honeymoon and seriously, just being alive. I’ve heard it’s an exhilarating experience, under a magical Hawaiian night-sky and swaying palms, featuring exotic dance, music and entertainment for the whole family with hula & fire dancers and a lavish Hawaiian buffet. E ‘Ai Kākou! (Let’s Eat!) This year I will be representing Project Purple! Grateful my running continues to help the fight against pancreatic cancer with this amazing charity so close to my heart, who’s motto is “Running to Beat Pancreatic Cancer!” Please Click here to make a Donation Click here to register for the 2015  Kona Marathon Remember to use code KMGODDESS to save!   Looking forward to seeing you in the Land of Aloha June 28th! xo Julie We Got This!! HWV_Property Overview 1 HWV_Property Overall Evening Hilton Waikoloa Luau, Big Island, Hawaii.  ET HWV_Kohala Pool.Seaside Cabana HWV_Kayaking